Top Wellness Retreats Around The World

The last few years have changed our perspective on wellness and health. The pandemic has underlined the importance of wellness in our lives. Beyond a facial or head massage, wellness has widened to take care of our bodies and minds. A good relaxing walk in the park or a satisfying arts session is equally important as the intense workout you do in gyms. Whether you prefer yoga, hiking, or a good delicious meal, a retreat center can be the right choice for you. Below are some of the best wellness retreats across the world.

● COMO Parrot Cay

COMO Parrot Cay is a wellness retreat focusing on health and wellness. It is located on a private Island at the heart of the Caribbean. The wellness program of the brand has to be completely utilized to make maximum benefit of the stay, which is known as COMO Shambhala. The program promotes good health and wellness through cuisine rich in enzymes with complimentary pirates and yoga classes. The holistic therapies are handled by experts in the field.

● Arctic Bath Hotel

The Arctic Bath Hotel in Sweden is similar to a fairytale of wellness. The spa floats here are shaped like a bird nest, the cabins are glass-fronted and are scattered between the tree birches or banks. The river has chilly water that refreshes you after steam and dry saunas of the spa. It also has a hot tub outdoors that is perfect to enjoy the summer midnight sun as well as the winter’s aurora borealis. The retreat also offers you opportunities for dog sledding, ice-fishing, snowshoe hiking, and a moose safari. You can also get delicious meals made of local ingredients.

● Civana Wellness Resort And Spa

People looking for a highly immersive wellness retreat may head to Civana Wellness Resort and Spa. The retreat allows you to choose your wellness adventure which can include a soothing walk through the stone labyrinth path, a sound bath in the sunset, or an aqua therapy session. The Sonoran surroundings of the resort are one of the most notable features, offering you many opportunities for outdoor activities. The food here is nourishing as well as a diet appealing with a variety of options.

● Six Senses Fort Barwara

This is a Rajasthani fortress that was built in the 14th century to deny invaders. Later, it was transformed into the Six Senses sanctuary. Its walls are five feet thick and successfully avoid any external pressures and stresses you worry about. The wellness program offered here has more yoga and ayurvedic therapies. The spa treatments of this wellness resort have many regional ingredients like mogra, Kashmir lavender, and saffron.

● The American Club

The American Club has become a popular name in the hospitality industry now. The resort is set like a high-end college campus. It features a cluster of stone, stately, and brick buildings that includes modern and posh rooms for the guests. There are five restaurants in the center along with a golf course and a separate spa.

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