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It has long been the dream of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche to provide practitioners a secluded site for long term retreats.
Chamma Ling, Land of the Loving Mother, is the manifestation of that dream and will be built by and for the support of our community of practitioners. Through our dedication we will manifest twelve retreat cabins, a house for our lamas and a small teaching hall all connected by a beautiful system of trails winding through the spectacular mountain wilderness.

The solitude of the mountains and the powerful energy of this ancient pilgrimage site are the perfect supports for many types of retreat and practice. For those working with the elements, there could be no better place to deeply connect with earth, water, fire, wind and the all-pervading space that is so clear in these high mountains. The deep, crystal like mountain sky is an amazing support for the dzogchen practices of sun and sky gazing. Some cabins will also be outfitted and supplied to support long term dark retreats.
Those exploring the causal vehicle will find a ground ripe for connecting to the spirits of mountains, streams, trees and sky, as the Native Americans have done here for centuries.

Our goal is to provide simple and affordable cabins for practitioners to dive deep into their practices for a few weeks, a few months, or perhaps a few years.

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