Community House Nearing Completion

Image In our current second stage of development of Chamma Ling we are building our Community House. The purpose of the Community House is two fold: provide a space for small group practice retreats and serve the support needs of retreatants in future cabins higher up into the mountains.

When we provide small practice retreats for groups of 25 or less, we need a place for all to gather for meals, as well as bath house facilities, and a library / office. This will provide an organizational center for people to check in, and simple quarters for a retreat coordinator.

As we build more solitary, off-the-grid cabins, retreatants will need a place to wash their clothes, take a hot shower, and store foods in a fridge.  A shared kitchen and dining area will allow a little socialization, if desired. As the number of our cabins grows, we will also need an office and caretaker living on site to manage the facilities and take care of people in retreat. See how we are progressing in this short video:


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Our design for the Community House provides for all of the following functions:

  • Kitchen and food preparation area

  • Multipurpose space providing interior dining for 25 people, or small group meditation sessions

  • A spacious deck for practice or dining

  • Washers and dryesr in a laundry area

  • Toilets and showers with solar heated water

  • A library and office area

  • A modest living space for a retreat coordinator, which can also be used for dark retreat

  • Storage space for tools and supplies

An architect in the Boulder area, Roland Hower, designed this creative passive solar building. We also used the consulting services of Paul Shippee, an expert in solar design of buildings. We use solar designs to both heat the building, as well as provide hot water for the showers and kitchen.

During the construction of our fourth retreat cabin, we performed the site excavation and poured the concrete foundation for the Community House, and saved a lot of money by having the foundation work done for both buildings at the same time.

We have now completed our second stage of construction by completing the shell, with finished roof, doors and windows enclosing the interior. The photograph above shows the building just before the application of stucco. 

 If you would like to help support the construction of the Communicty House please see our support page .