Regional Retreats

Ngondro Practice Retreat, May 8-9

Denver, Colorado area

We are pleased to annouce that Lharila Kelsang Nyima will be leading a practice retreat on the Ngondro of the Experential Transmssion lineage. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have recently received teachings on the ngondro to deepen their practice, and gain personal guidance in practice by a highly qualified lama. This retreat will also be a wonderful support to those who have been already practicing the ngondro for years. It is required that all attendees have already received training in these practices, so all of the time in the retreat can be spent in group and individual practice.

The purpose of our practice retreat series is to provide the time and space with a qualified teacher to deepen one’s practice of a specific meditation. There are at least four formal practice sessions each day, and there are many opportunities to clarify the practices with the teacher. Enrollment is limited to 12 participants. For more information and registration contact Matt McKeown at (303)-816-7410 or [email protected]

The Manifestations of Sherab Chamma, May 29-30

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lharila Kalsang Nyima will explain the many beautiful and transformational ways that Sherab Chamma, the Wisdom Loving Mother, can manifest in our lives, and enrich our daily practices and experiences. These public teachings will be in Tesuque, New Mexico near Santa Fe. Call Valerie Pijoan for registration and information. 505 982-5858.