Dzogchen Practice Retreat, May 20-22

Lhari-la Kalsang Nyima, Chamma Ling’s resident lama, will be leading a small group practice retreat on the dzogchen meditation methods taught in the Experential Transmission. This retreat is open to everyone who has completed Part 2 or later of the Experential Transmission training. This retreat will be focused upon practicing the dzogchen methods of trekchod, sky gazing and sun gazing. Lama Lharila will guide the practice sessions, and be available for questions and private interviews for discussion of practice. This is a very rare opportunity to get to practice dzogchen extensively with a qualified lama, and gain clarification of subtle points of these teachings.

We encourage participants to attend both the Elements and Dzogchen practice retreats, for the Elements methods complement dzogchen practice, and are a very important aspect of dark retreat practice. The Elements retreat will set the stage, and be a solid foundation for dzogchen practice, and the two together set the stage for entry into personal dark retreat.

People attending the retreat are encouraged to camp at our retreat center,  and tent sites will be provided at no additional cost. If tenting is not feasible it is possible to stay off site.

Registration will be limited to no more than 12 people. Meals are provided as part of the retreat. Everyone will support the community of practitioners by taking turns helping prepare meals, which keeps costs and fees low, and cultivates service for others.

To learn more of Lama Lhari-la’s training and retreats, you can consult his biography .

For off-site accommodations in Crestone:
Crestone Area Visitor Accommodations, CAVA
[email protected]
(719) 256-5210

Retreat Beginning and Conclusion: Checkin will begin at 9 a.m., May 20 and people can set up their camping areas throughout the morning. The retreat will begin at 1 p.m. We will conclude at 3 pm, May 22.

Retreat Cost: $280. Register Online:

or $260 if also registering for the Elements retreat that precedes the Dzogchen retreat. Register Online:

Cancellation fee: $30. Online registration will be available shortly.


Contact [email protected] or (919)286-5055.


Dark Retreats

At the conclusion of the practice retreat on May 30, Lama Lhari-la will be available for final instructions, and to put people into dark retreat in Chamma Ling’s cabins, all of which are specially designed to support dark retreat practices. We will work with each individual to help plan his or her dark retreat, including the necessary support services. The costs of the dark retreat will depend upon the length of retreat. More information about our cabins, fees, and services may be found in the retreat cabin section of our site. We have facilities to only support three people in dark retreat cabins, so it is important to contact us promptly if you are interested, for space is very limited. To apply use the cabin application form.