Pith Realizations of the ZZNG Masters

Tenzin Wangyal RinpocheThe Pith Realizations of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü Masters

The Culmination of the Series

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, September 27-30, 2012

This year Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will lead us on a third remarkable journey into Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü (Oral Transmission from Zhang Zhung), the oldest and most important Dzogchen text in the Bon-Buddhist tradition. These poetic pith teachings point out the subtlest of all realizations.

All of the masters who are described in this text achieved the rainbow body, signifying the highest level of realization. As each of the masters approached the end of his life, his disciple would ask for him to relate a brief biography and the essence of his lifetime of practice and realization. During this retreat, Rinpoche will guide us into the teachings of another set of masters. With words as a launching point, each master is introduced in a way that allows the practitioner to experience the master’s realization on all levels of being. This retreat is open to all and supplemental materials from last year’s teaching are available.

Renowned for his clear, engaging teaching style and depth of wisdom, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche brings the ancient realizations of these Zhang Zhung masters into our daily lives. The Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü was traditionally held very closely, and passed from only one master to one disciple for 25 generations. We are most fortunate to have Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche to explain these rare essential teachings as he began studying the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü with his master Lopon Sanghe Tenzin when he was only a boy, and has continued to make them a central focus of his practice and teachings.

For those of you traveling from a distance, please note that directly following the Pith Realizations of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü teachings is Trul Khor of the Zhang Zhung Masters, a complementary teaching. While the Pith Realizations of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü masters focuses on the view of Dzogchen, Trul Khor focuses on energetic exercises to introduce and support dzogchen. On Friday afternoon of the retreat there is also an optional Calligraphy Workshop.

Books: You may purchase Rinpoche's many books and other related items at the Ligmincha Bookstore, which also has a newly published translation of the pith teachings of the Zhang Zhung Nyin Gyü masters.

Event Beginning and Conclusion: We will begin our retreat at 9 am, Thursday, September 27. We will conclude around noon on Sunday, September 30.

Retreat Location & Lodging: This retreat will be held at the White Eagle Lodge near Crestone.  Lodging is available at the White Eagle, though the full room inventory will not be available due to ongoing renovations. There is car camping with picnic tables nearby in the U.S. National Forest campground just north of Crestone, the North Crestone Campground.

Limited primative hike-in tent sites will be available at the Chamma Ling retreat center for $40.

Crestone Area Visitor Accommodations offers referrals and reservations to many local B&Bs and inns:
 www.crestonevisit.com[email protected] 
(719) 256-5210.

Meals: Lunches will be provided during the retreat. If you have any dietary restrictions please note them on the online registration form. If lunches are needed for children please note that also. The White Eagle will provide breakfast for the people who are housed at the White Eagle as part of their lodging plan. Participants staying off site may arrange for breakfasts at the White Eagle in advance. Contact the White Eagle for details.

Work Retreat: Monday September 24 through Wednesday September 26, 2011. Please join us in offering your services in the continued improvements to Chamma Ling Retreat Center. Our work schedule will include periods of meditation and other practices specific to the Bön Tradition. Our work will focus on beautifying the grounds of our retreat center. We will be camping on the land, or if you prefer you may choose to stay at one of the local B&B's at your cost. A simple lunch will be provided as well as a work study discount for the teachings which follow the work retreat. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the Bon lineage and get to know other sangha members. To register, use the "work study" option below, and during the payment process put in a note you will be attending the work retreat.

Child Care: We are developing our plan for child care during the retreat and will have options available. If you are in need of child care please let us know of your interest as soon as possible.

Auction: We are accepting donations of practice related objects that can be auctioned during our annual fund raiser, one of our main sources of revenue for new construction. if you have a special object you would like to donate place contact our auction coordinator, Andrea Heckman. Objects that empower Bön practice and devotion to the teachers are especially encouraged. 

Retreat Fees: The registration fee is $295, which includes lunches.  A limited number of work-study positions are available. Work study staff help either during setup or take down of the retreat, and during the retreat itself, including lunch preparation and clean up, which may involve missing some retreat sessions. Work study registrations are $175. If you attend the Trul Khor retreat and the Pith Relizations of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud Masters retreat you can register for both at the discounted rate of $470. Cancellation fee: $30.

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