The teachings of our lineage may be described as falling into four categories: the causal vehicle, sutra, tantra, and dzogchen. The causal vehicle teachings include the practices of medicine, divination, offerings to the spirits of nature, and similar practices. It is said that these are supports on the path, but unlike the other three categories, they are not a path to enlightenment. The sutric path is the life of renunciatiion, exemplified by the lives of monks and nuns. It stresses abstaining from negative acts and thoughts, and the cultivation of meritorious behavior. The path of tantra, sometimes known as the path of secret mantra, is a method of transformation. Through working with mantra, yidam visuallization, energies that flow through the channels, and related practices, one's view of the world is transformed, so that life is experienced as a sacred mandala. The path of dzogchen is the simplest and most direct, and paradoxically the most challenging. Through the practices of dzoghen one comes to experience the Great Perfection of all as it is.

The introductory teachings offered here give a glimpse of the rich history, traditions and practices of our lineage. We will continue to add new teachings over time, so please come back again.