About Crestone

Sometimes people who have never visited Crestone ask what it is like. In a word, magical. Tibetans remark how much it seems like Tibet to them, with a high valley over 8000 sweeping up to 14,000 ft. peaks capped with snow much of the year. These mountains have been sacred to many tribes of Native Americans, and stone meditation seats created by the Indians can be found scattered across Chamma Ling and the surrounding lands. The Micmaq tribe tell of their people making a three year pilgrimage, walking from as far as present day Quebec, to visit this sacred mountain.

Today more than twenty spiritual centers call Crestone home. For a town of about 1000, it is remarkable to find several Tibetan lineages' retreat centers, a Carmalite monastary, an ashram, and a Zen center happily coexisting with the local Baptist church. Amazing diversity is expected and deeply appreciated. 

Crestone has been the subject of many articles and publications. We provide links to a few below to give you a glimpse of what we call home.

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