Healing Waters Retreat September 18-21, 2008


Discovering Sacred Waters
The Healing Power of the Water Element in the Bön Buddhist Tradition of Tibet
With Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
September 18-21, 2008

We invite you to join Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche at Chamma Ling of Crestone when he offers a special healing experience for practitioners, health care professionals, and anyone who is currently encountering illness. During the retreat Rinpoche will focus on the Healing Practice of Sidpai Gyalmo and will also include additional teachings on the healing attributes of the water element.

Rinpoche will teach and guide meditation and healing rituals that concentrate on the compassion of the fully enlightened protector of Bön, Sidpai Gyalmo, who is a powerful emanation of Sherab Chamma. The stream of transmission of this energetic healing practice originated with an emanation of Sidpai Gyalmo herself. It was transmitted from master to master and eventually to Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche in Northern Tibet, and from him to Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

The healing waters produced during the Healing Practice of Sidpai Gyalmo are considered to be a powerful remedy for illnesses arising in modern times. In addition to practicing together with Tenzin Rinpoche and receiving the healing waters during the retreat, we will receive transmission from Rinpoche and supplementary teachings to allow continued practice in our daily lives.

Event Beginning and Conclusion: We will begin our retreat at 9 am, September 18. We will conclude around noon on September 21.

Retreat Cost: $190 (rec'd by July 18) $220 (rec'd by Aug. 18); $250 (rec'd after Aug. 18). Cancellation fee: $30

Discounted Rates
for attending both Healing Waters Retreat & Atri Trul Khor
$330 (rec'd by July 18) $ 380 (rec'd by Aug. 18); $ 430 (rec'd after Aug. 18)

Lodging / Meal-Plan Options:
This retreat will be held at the White Eagle Village near Crestone. Contact the White Eagle Village at 800/613-2270 or www.whiteeaglevillage.com for accommodations where the retreat will be held. Retreat room rates: $60 per room, per night up to 2 people; $70 for triples. Beds in the hostel are available for $25 per night. Rates do not include taxes. Lodging is also available at many local B&Bs, and there is camping nearby. An optional meal plan of healthy and delicious food is available from the White Eagle for an additional $144 for 11 meals, Thursday breakfast to Sunday lunch. A lunch only meal plan is available for $20 per day. Contact the White Eagle directly to sign up for the meal plan. 800/613-2270

Limited tent sites will be available at the Chamma Ling retreat center for $40. Reserve a space on the registration form.

For alternate accommodations in Crestone: Crestone Area Visitor Accommodations, CAVA
 www.crestonevisit.com[email protected] 
(719) 256-5210 
or http://www.crestone.org/directory

Child Care: We are currently developing our plan for child care during the retreat and will have options available. If you are in need of child care please let us know of your interest as soon as possible and indicate this on the registration form.

Auction: We are accepting donations of practice related objects that can be auctioned during our annual fund raiser, one of our main sources of revenue for new construction. if you have a special object you would like to donate place contact our auction coordinator, Andrea Heckman. Objects that empower Bön practice and devotion to the teachers are especially encouraged. 

Chamma Ling Work Retreat: Sunday September 14 through Wednesday September 17, 2008. Please join us in offering your services in the building of Chamma Ling Retreat Center. Our work schedule will include periods of meditation and other practices specific to the Bon Tradition. Our work will focus on beautifying the grounds of our retreat center. We will be camping on the land, or if you prefer you may choose to stay at one of the local B&B's at your cost. A simple breakfast and lunch will be provided as well as a 50% discount off the Sherab Chamma teachings which follow the work retreat. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the Bon lineage and get to know other sangha members.

Contact [email protected] or (919)286-5055.

Registration by Mail: Please download either of the forms below, print out and mail in with payment.

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Online Registration and Payments:

Healing Waters Retreat with Tenzin Wanyal Rinpoche, Sept. 18-21, 2008
Retreat fees do not include food or lodging. Contact White Eagle Village for options.

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BOTH Healing Waters Retreat & Atri Trul Khor Sept. 18-24 (discounted)

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