Chamma Ling’s strategic vision is set by a Board of Directors and enacted by the Council. Below is a brief introduction to the members of both groups.

Board of Directors

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche – President, Board of Directors
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is the founder of Chamma Ling, Ligmincha, and Garuda centers throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. He received his Geshe degree from Menri Monastary in Himachal Pradesh, India and has taught in the West since 1988. More details of his life and accomplishments can be found on his biography page.

John Jackson – Managing Director
John serves on the board of directors, and is responsible for oversight of Chamma Ling at Crestone operations. He served on the Board of Directors for Ligmicha Institute for five years during the founding phase of that organization, and teaches meditation courses and retreats throughout the US and Europe. John is a professor of medical education at the University of Virginia.

Margaret Freund – Design Director
Margaret leads the design and development team for all Chamma Ling facilities. She has worked previously on the design of the Serenity Ridge Retreat Center at Ligmincha. She also is our favorite auctioneer at our annual auction. Margaret has a business based in Richmond, Virginia and Boulder, Colorado that focuses on the commercial redevelopment of historic buildings.

Khedup Gyatsu
Khedup helped rebuild Menri monastery and has supported the birth and development of Ligmincha Institute and Chamma Ling in many ways. He has an incredible depth of knowledge of the Bon culture. He lives in New York City and works with Gene Smith to digitize the world’s largest private collection of Tibetan literature.


Al Vreeland
Al coordinates various different projects as needed, and supports all the functions of Chamma Ling. Al is a clinical psychologist in Dallas.

Andrea Heckman
Andrea coordinates our annual fund raising auction. She is a cultural anthropologist and has a business importing Andean textiles near Taos. She has been a trekking guide in Peru for many years.

Cindy Pearson
Cindy supports marketing and communications. She is a health care provider near Austin, Texas.

Elisabeth DesMarais
Elisabeth manages our production and distribution of recordings and transcripts. She was formerly in the real estate business in Los Angeles.

Adriana Hernandez
Adriana is our treasurer, and assures that our books are in order and our IRS requirements met. Adriana works as an accountant and tax consultant in the Seattle area.

Peter May
Peter serves in many capacities, frequently networking with other community groups. Peter is a mountain guide, musician, fire chief, and otherwise a man of many talents, and currently lives in Crestone.

Raven Lee
Raven organizes many of our teaching events. She is a therapist in the Los Angeles area.

Gerry Heikes
Gerry manages the support our facilities and help organize our group retreats. Gerry recently to Crestone to help support Chamma Ling. 

Matt McKeown
Matt encourges the development of our communities of practice in the Denver & Boulder area. By day Matt practice law in the Denver area.

Valerie Pijoan
Valerie encourages the development of our communities of practice in the Taos & Santa Fe area.