Organizational Goals

Ligmincha Institute was founded in 1992 by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche to preserve Tibetan culture and the Bön Dzogchen teachings. Over the next few years Tenzin Rinpoche founded centers in Houston, Los Angeles, Poland and Mexico.

Statement of Goals
The goals of Chamma Ling Crestone, fit within the overall organizational goals of the Ligmincha Institute. Chamma Ling however, will utilize its unique ways of expressing and fulfilling those goals according to its circumstances, talents, and abilities. The underlying principle that guides all our activities is that we seek to provide the opportunity for individuals to understand their own true nature. Only through individuals' self-understanding and a strong sense of community will the activities of these organizations flourish. The goals of the organizations are focused around four areas of activity.

A Place for Retreat
The primary goal of Chamma Ling is to provide a support for serious practitioners to go into solitary retreat for weeks or months. Any member of our sangha will be able apply for use of the planned retreat cabin facilities. While use of the facilities by people outside of our sangha will be considered, first priority will be given to those who have been practicing and studying with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche for a good length of time.

Small Group Retreats
We will periodically offer small group practice retreats, lead by our resident lama or senior practitioners. Participants are expected to already be familiar with the practices, and to be ready to deepen their experience through extended practice. These small group retreats will help many to prepare for personal retreats by strengthening practice, and developing confidence.

Religious Teachings and Transmissions
Chamma Ling will educate interested individuals in the teachings and practices of Bön, especially emphasizing the view, meditation, and practice of Dzogchen. Students will be trained through receiving complete authentic instructions, transmissions and initiations (Wang, Lung, and Khrid) in the traditional Tibetan manner. We offer teaching retreats lead by our lamas and senior practitioners to manifest this vision.