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Photo Galleries: Our Cabin Tour

Here is a quick tour to help you imagine spending time in one of our cabins.

The cabins are finished with stucco and trimmed with traditional Tibetan colors. They are well insulated, but have windows in all directions, which can be sealed for dark retreat.

A trombe wall faces the path of the sun, providing passive solar heating, even in during dark retreats. We have backup electric heat in case of long overcast periods. The black areas behind the glass are masonry walls that absorb the heat. In summer months this wall is shaded by the overhang, so there is no overheating.

The views are expansive, just as yours will be when on retreat.

The interiors are simple, yet comfortable. The table folds down to the wall to provide more space, if needed. Notice the window in the thick trombe wall. This solid wall radiates heat all night, keeping the cabins very comfortable in cool weather.

The bed includes drawers underneath for storage of clothes and personal items. The mattress is an excellent hypoallergenic latex design, ideal for clear dreams!

The floors are oak hardwood, and trim clear pine. A shrine is located to the right, just out of the picture, which you may complete with ritual objects appropriate for your retreat. Water bowls, incense burner, and decorative banners are provided. There is plenty of room for full prostrations before the shrine.

The bath includes a standard flush toilet, sink, and shower with hot and cold water, provided by the public water system.

Kitchens are fully equipped with a gas range, a generous refridgerator, sink, all necessary pots, pans, plates, bowls, eating utensils, and plentiful storage.

Overall the cabins are simple, yet very comfortable, and well equipped. You may never want to go home!

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