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Our twelve retreat cabins will provide space where individuals may create shrines appropriate to their practices, along with sleeping and cooking spaces, surrounded by spectacular views and crystal clear silence. We will be “off the grid” using passive solar designs, with cooking and supplemental heating provided by natural gas.

Pathways that follow the natural curves of the landscape will connect the cabins and all the support facilities. Our teachers will have a private residence, and a gompa will be built that can seat 75-100 people. There will be a dedicated cabin for the retreat caretaker, along with a central bathhouse. Water will be pumped into storage tanks up the hillside, then gravity will be used to supply water to the cabins. Our buildings will blend with the natural landscape, using designs that are simple, elegant and resource sensitive.

Retreat Support
We realize that different people and different practices require varying levels of retreat support. We envision three ways that the cabins will be made available:

Level 1: The Independent Practitioner
In this type of retreat practitioners will be self-supporting, bringing in their own food and other supplies, and cooking for themselves. Retreatants will share a bathhouse, and will carry bottles of water, propane and waste to from our central service area.

Level 2: The Closed Retreat
Some retreats require that the practitioner create a boundary around the retreat cabin, and stay within that boundary for the duration of the retreat. To support this type of practice, we will provide a caretaker that will deliver food and other supplies to the practitioner twice a week.

Level 3: The Dark Retreat
The dzogchen practice of dark retreat requires total seclusion, and we will provide the perfect supportive environment. Twice each day an attendant will bring food cooked according to the needs of the practitioner. The cabins will be completely dark, yet designed to supply a fresh flow of
air and remain comfortable in any season.

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