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We currently have our first three cabins available for rental. The cabins are designed to support either dark retreat or any other form of practice since there are windows on each wall, which may be sealed for dark retreat. The cabins are a passive solar design, using a trombe wall on the south side to absorb heat during the day and radiate it into the cabin during the night. Supplemental radiant heating is available for long cold and cloudy periods. The bathroom includes a toilet and shower with hot water. The kitchen includes a stove and sink, as well as cabinets for storage. There is a special pass through door for the caretaker to use for transferring meals to people in dark retreat.

The main living space has a single bed, clothes storage, and a small writing desk with chair. A shrine space is built into one wall, with enough room in front for full length prostrations or physical exercises.

Our first three cabins are clustered together and are connected by a footpath to the parking area. Retreatants have access to the full 51 acres of Chamma Ling's surrounding property, which border national forest lands that extend across the Sangre de Christo mountain range.

The floorplan is below, but also be sure to check out the photos of the cabins in the photo gallery.