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What to bring?

A shrine area is provided in each cabin, but you should bring your own practice items such as thankas, incense, water bowls and such. Be sure to bring your own meditation cushion.

Bring your own sheets and blankets or sleeping bag for the supplied twin bed.

The weather varies considerably in Crestone to quite warm in the summer to quite cold in the winter. At any time of year it is good to bring clothing that can be layered, as temperatures can vary 40 degrees within one day, due to the altitude being over 8000 feet. While is does snow at times in Crestone from October through May, there usually is not much snow accumulation due to the abundant sunshine. Look closely at the temperature averages for the time of your retreat and plan accordingly. One good source of information is http://www.keno.org/vws/crestone_weather_records.htm. Be sure to bring some sturdy shoes or boots.

What not or bring?
No alcohol or recreational drugs are allowed. Since our purpose is to provide a supportive environment for retreat, computers, iPods, and other similar electronic devices are not allowed. Cell phones should be left with the caretaker.

How do I get there?
Crestone is located in south-central Colorado. The closest major airports are Colorado Springs (3 hrs.) Denver (4 hrs.) and Albuquerque (5 hrs.). Alamosa has a small commuter airport serviced by United Airlines about an hour from Crestone. For a map to Crestone see http://maps.google.com and search for zip code 81131.

Once in Crestone, take Camino Baca Grande about three miles, at which point it turns into gravel. Continue on for another half mile until you see the Chamma Ling sign and turn into the parking area. Walk up the path to the cabins.

What food and supplies are available locally?
While Crestone is not a large town, most basic supplies are available locally within five miles of the retreat center. Curt's Store has a good supply of foods typically found in smaller health food stores, including organic produce, cereals, and juices. Crestone Mart is a small conventional grocery store, and also has hardware, lumber and video rental sections - a real general store. Peak Printing has common business supplies and photocopying. There are three restaurants in Crestone, as well as a coffee shop. If you need something that is not available in Crestone, it is about an hour drive to the nearby larger towns of Alamosa and Salida, which have supermarkets and large discount stores.