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Chamma Ling of Crestone exists in order to provide a solitary retreat cabins for practitioners in the Bön tradition. If you would like to rent a cabin, we provide all the information here to plan and apply for your retreat.


When are they available?
The cabins are open year round. We are accepting applications now for retreats up to 18 months in advance.

Who can apply?
Any practitioner in the Bön tradition is encouraged to pursue solitary retreat as part of his or her path, regardless of length of experience. There are suitable retreat practices for every level of practitioner. One should have already received instruction from an acknowledged teacher on the meditation methods to be used during the retreat. While we recognize that people have received practices from many honorable traditions, this retreat center's primary purpose is to support practices from the Bön tradition. But we will consider applications from practitioners of other traditions if we have available cabins.

What services are provided?
We provide three levels of retreat support: the Independent Practitioner, the Closed Retreat and Dark Retreat. For an explanation of what services are provided for each type of retreat see our section on Retreat Support

What does it cost?
The fees vary according to the type of retreat support services you need and how long you will be staying. The minimum stay is two weeks. For a complete explanation of costs see our fees section.

What are the cabins like?
All of our retreat cabins are designed for a single person, being 21 by 12 feet, including a small kitchen and bath. The cabins include a bed, clothes storage, desk, chair and shine and practice area. The kitchen is equipped with a basic set of pots, pans, plates, cups and utensils. For more details see our section describing the cabins.

What do I bring? How about food? How do I get there?
For answers to all these questions and more see our logistics page.

How do I actually rent a cabin?
For details on the process of applying for and renting a cabin for a specific set of dates refer to our page on the Application process.

Still have unanswered questions?
If you review all the information and still have some questions drop a line to [email protected]. We'll get back to you shortly.